Our eight-person clinical team boasts an extraordinary level of midwifery experience.

Lisa Pontious

Clinical Director | CNM, MSN, APRN

With over 30 years of experience, Lisa leads our midwifery team. A Frontier Nursing University graduate, she’s served in diverse settings—from rural hospitals to home births—and directed a Kansas birth center. Passionate about enhancing birth access and reducing disparities, Lisa inspires with her dedication to birthing families.

Meet the Team

Paige Schneider

Administrative Director | BA, CPM

Sarah Canale

Birth Assistant Manager | CPM

Tanya Jennings

Client Coordinator | MAT, ICBD

Melissa Poole

Senior Midwife | CNM, RN

Alyson White

Midwife | CNM

Haley Murray

Midwife | CNM

Rhiannon Hartigan

Birth Assistant | RN

Chloe Dotti

Birth Assistant | RN

Gabrielle McDade

Childbirth Educator | CPM

Jayne Carpenter

Lactation Consultant | IBCLC, CBS, OBC