Childbirth Education Series

Presented by Gabrielle McDade, Midwife, Mother, and Coach

Join us for an empowering journey covering mind and body birth preparation, including understanding the birthing process, preparing for the unexpected, and comprehensive postpartum and newborn care techniques.

Week 1 - 2/29/24
Preparing Your Mind and Body for Birth

Our initial session delves into the mind body connection and how that plays an important role during labor and birth.Our focus is on fostering a mindful approach to this transformative journey. Understanding the autonomic nervous system's role in birthing is essential, and we explore this in depth, alongside powerful affirmations tailored for pregnancy and birth.

Week 2 - 3/7/24
Demystifying Birth

In our second week, we demystify the birth process by closely examining the stages of labor. You will learn what to expect, how to navigate each stage of labor, as well as tools and resources that your birthing partner can utilize to support you. Additionally, we'll explore various comfort measures and positions that can aid during labor and birth, equipping you with practical skills for your journey.

Week 3 - 3/21/24
Preparing for the Unexpected

The third week is dedicated to preparing for the unexpected. We will talk through what to do if your baby has plans that are different from yours. Through education and the support of your birth team, this class will contribute to you having a positive birth experience regardless of where or how you give birth.

Week 4 - 3/28/24
Postpartum Recovery and Infant Care

Our final week focuses on postpartum recovery and infant care. We'll guide you through what to expect in the first 48 hours post-birth for both mother and baby, feeding cues, and frequency of feeding. Each family will leave with a copy of the Postpartum Planning and Recovery Guide, ensuring you're well-prepared for this new chapter.