Birth Center

Welcome to Lilac Health – Asheville!

We celebrate the geography and spirit of Western North Carolina with our birthing suites. Choose a setting that engenders positive feelings and a sense of security.

Birthing Suites


This suite showcases the waterfalls of Western North Carolina.

Nearby Bevard is known as the “Land of the Waterfalls” due to its 250 waterfalls. Its decor seeks to inspire the feelings of immeasurable peace which water brings.

Birthing Suites


The decor celebrates our mountains. Chief among them is the Blue Ridge Mountains renowned for their smoky, misty blue-green appearance.

This theme invokes tones of freedom and adventure which mimic the natural birth experience.

Birthing Suites


This setting portrays the extensive network of forests which grace our region.

The largest is Nantahala National Forest offering scenic views awakening the connection with nature. Our space seeks to nurture that sense of tranquility and renewal which comes with nature.