Patient-centered care throughout the stages of motherhood and beyond.

Our Approach

The Asheville Birth & Wellness experience empowers the birthing person to be an active partner in their baby’s delivery.

You will benefit from our program of education, wellness care, nutrition, lactation, exercise and childbirth classes.

Our midwives provide you with the security and tranquility that comes with knowing your care team and what is happening to you at all times.

We provide the full range of services for a safe and successful pregnancy:


We focus on nurturing pregnancies through consistent follow up with each birthing person on a continuous basis to provide physical, mental and emotional support. The first prenatal visit is an hour and each prenatal visit afterward is a half hour. The midwifery staff strives to build a relationship with each midwife and the team.

Labor & Birth Postpartum Care

Our team encourages mothers during labor to move, eat, drink, use birth balls and immerse in water birth pools in each birthing suite. The Midwives and Birth Assistants provide the labor support, comfort measures, emotional support, and the continuous monitoring of mother and baby.


After birth, the baby shares skin-to-skin with mom while the midwife offers guidance through the initial breast feed. Midwives are a phone call or telehealth visit away and accessible 24 hours a day with any questions or concerns.


Hydrotherapy is a tool for pain management. Warm water submersion allows the body to soften, helps with circulation and contractions, releases endorphins, and decreases anxiety.

Well Woman

Midwives provide full-scope care for women of all ages from teens to post-menopausal. We provide wellcare annual exams and pap smears, cancer screening, gynecological exams, breast exams, contraception/ birth control, natural family planning, menopausal guidance, preconception counseling, pregnancy tests, and much more.