Lilac Health is consistently delivering patient-centered and evidence-based care so that families can have more compassionate birth experiences.

By expanding the number of birth centers, we aim to eliminate maternity care deserts ensuring access for everyone to top-tier inclusive maternity care.

Asheville Birth and Wellness Center is the result of this vision. Inaugurated in March 2023, our Asheville location was chosen because we recognize the city’s vibrant culture and its residents’ appreciation for alternative birthing choices. Lilac Health saw a golden opportunity to introduce and elevate the birth center experience.

Philosophy of Care

We believe that compassionate healthcare for clients throughout the lifecycle, especially during pregnancy and childbirth, has a substantial and beneficial effect on the family and the community.


Birth is a normal, healthy, empowering life event for the client and family. Learn about our ten-point platform of care.

Our Team

Our eight-person clinical team boasts an extraordinary level of midwifery experience. Among our four senior-level midwives, three of them are former birth center clinical directors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your pregnancy care at Lilac Health starts with an orientation visit, which can happen any time in your pregnancy, ideally around 7-8 weeks. Our new patient slots tend to fill up quickly, and we do cap the monthly number of deliveries we take on for each due date!

Ultrasounds and genetic screening blood work should be done around the 10th week when possible before your first pregnancy wellness visit.

Our birthing center allows low risk birthing people to self-determine their journey to childbirth within the midwifery and birthing center models of care. Low risk means healthy, without any pregnancy complications, no prior cesarean births, and not pregnant with twins.

No, all Lilac Health babies are born at the center. We do not offer home birth services.