Lilac Health Midwifery and Birthing Center's philosophy is based on a
ten-point platform of care.

We believe in compassionate care for clients throughout the lifecycle, especially during pregnancy and childbirth, has a substantial and beneficial effect on the family and the community

Birth is a normal, healthy, empowering life event for the client and family. The duty of the health care provider is to trust the person's capability to give birth, providing a safe and individualized birthing atmosphere free of unnecessary interventions while remaining attentive to and managing deviations from the normal birth process with appropriate and safe interventions.

Family is defined by the individual. We encourage the participation of family members in each client’s healthcare, pregnancy and childbirth.

Current evidence-based research and technology inform our ability to provide the best possible care.

With rare exceptions, breast milk is the optimal food for babies. We encourage and support breastfeeding.

Education is the foundation essential to optimal healthcare. We will freely exchange knowledge, educate the community about midwifery, normal birth, out-of-hospital birth, breastfeeding and holistic healthcare, offer a variety of educational classes, and encourage clients to make informed decisions about their life including healthcare, contraception, childbirth and parenting.

Serving as a learning center for student healthcare providers such as nurses, midwives, and physicians, and teach the art of providing care in a respectful, considerate manner.

Striving to be an environmentally conscious organization, we seek to minimize our environmental impact and encourage others to do the same;

Respect for all individuals regardless of age, race, ethnicity, religion, philosophy, marital status, sexual orientation, ability, gender expression, socio-economic status, or any other personal attribute.

We strive to serve underserved populations including the uninsured, underinsured, and other marginalized people. .