Our Team

Lisa Pontious

Senior Midwife | CNM, MSN, APRN

Prior to entering graduate school, Lisa worked as a labor and delivery nurse and childbirth instructor for 18 years. She graduated with an MSN in Nurse Midwifery from Frontier Nursing University after completing her clinical internship within the Navajo Nation in Northern Arizona.

She brings 30 years of experience in serving birthing families within various settings and levels of care, including rural community hospitals, urban/academic/university hospitals, accredited free-standing birth centers, and home births. Lisa previously served with the WNC Birth Center staff. She recently completed her employment as Midwifery Director of a birth center  in Kansas.

Her professional interests include increasing access to community birth options, reducing healthcare disparities, and raising awareness of public health needs. Her inspiration comes from witnessing the love, beauty, and strength of birthing persons and their families as they work to welcome their new babies. Lisa is likely to burst into a song at any moment, because she says there are appropriate song lyrics for every situation in life!